Thursday, December 1st

Husband: If you hate this store so much why don't we go to another one. The Giant on Washington Street is a nice big store.
Me: And Giant prices are, well giant. And they don't do fresh sandwiches, and they don't carry Boars Head cold cuts. They don't carry any of the items we buy.
Husband: But you are always complaining about Harris Teeter, and they don't carry a lot of what we want.
Me: So - change from a store that carries some of the items we buy to a store that carries NONE of the items that we buy? This makes sense? How?
Husband: ------


  1. Replies
    1. Actually this was the last conversation we had on this subject this morning. He actually proposed this solution more than once in the space of 20 minutes...he is starting to worry me.